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We charge our legal fee varies according to the circumstances and complexity of the case. In most civil matters, we offer two different ways of charging fees for civil matters i.e. fixed fees and contigency fee (percentage fees based on the contentious amount involved). For criminal matters, there is only single way of charging that is fixed fee.

In some non-contentious matters such as Sale and Purchase Agreement, Tenancy Agreement and etc., the legal fee is fixed and prescribed by the Advocates Remuneration Rules 1988. For that reason, we are strictly prohibited to charge in excess or below the prescribed fee.

Therefore, for quotation of our legal fees kindly contact us directly.

That’s a common misconception. Lawyer’s fee is relatively modest and correspond with the amount of work, time, skill and effort spent working on each case. Most often, the client tends to overlook the fact that much of lawyer’s work is unseen. The many hours spent in researching the law or drafting the agreement or in evaluating the evidence are usually done in the quiet of library and outside the presence of our client. Not to forget lawyer consumes much of their time going through voluminous law reports and journal full with legal jargons that often time only lawyers could understand. In return of that efforts, lawyer takes away the trouble from client and give them instead a peace of mind and assurance that your case is well-taken care off.

Pursuant to Rule 7 of the Advocates Remuneration Rules 1988, no advocates shall give any discount on or receive in consideration any consideration other than the remuneration set out in the Advocates Remuneration Rules 1988. Exceptions only given to the following persons/bodies:

  1. Charity/Religious bodies
  2. Employees of the law firm
  3. Immediate family members of the advocate
  4. A fellow member of advocate

In all criminal cases, we will require full payment of legal fee or at least 50% deposit of total legal fee before we can work on your case.

In respect of civil cases, we usually enclose our Schedule of Payments in our Letter of Engagement. Payment of legal fee will be in accordance with the work progress as per stated in the Schedule of Payments.


Jika anda sebagai seorang penjual, dokumen berikut hendaklah disediakan:

  1. Perjanjian Jual Beli lama
  2. Geran Tanah Individu (sekiranya rumah bergeran)
  3. Surat Ikatan Penyerahanhak (Deed of Assignment) di antara Bank dan Penjual (Sekiranya rumah belum bergeran/masih geran besar)
  4. Surat Ikatan Penyerahanhak (Deed of Assignment) di antara Penjual Pertama (terdahulu) dan Penjual sekarang
  5. Perjanjian Pinjaman Perumahan diantara Bank/Institusi Kewangan/Lembaga Pinjaman Perumahan Sektor Awam (LPPSA)/ Bahagian Pinjaman dan Penjual
  6. Penyata Akaun Bank Terkini (sekiranya rumah bercagar dengan bank)
  7. Salinan asal resit bayaran Cukai Pintu dan Tanah yang sudah dijelaskan
  8. Salinan kad pengenalan

Jika anda sebagai seorang pembeli, dokumen berikut hendaklah disediakan:

  1. Surat Tawaran Pinjaman Bank/Institusi Kewangan
  2. Salinan kad pengenalan

Muat turun Senarai Semak Dokumen disini:

  1. Rumah tidak mempunyai Geran Individu/Strata
  2. Rumah mempunyai Geran Individu/Strata

Boleh. Sila maklumkan kepada kami maklumat berikut melalui email:

  1. Harga jualan rumah
  2. Bergeran tanah individu atau bergeran tanah besar (master title)

Kos guaman bagi perjanjian jual beli rumah adalah tertakluk kepada Jadual Pertama, Peraturan Saraan Peguam 1988.1

Bagi Penjual dan Pembeli yang menggunakan khidmat peguam yang sama, yuran guaman yang dikenakan kepada pembeli adalah skala penuh di Jadual 1 manakala penjual dikenakan yuran guaman 1/2 daripada skala penuh di Jadual 1.


Harga Jualan Rumah : RM 300,000.00 Yuran Guaman untuk Perjanjian Jual Beli:

A. RM 10,000.00 pertama daripada RM 300,000.00, sebanyak 2.5% dikenakan = RM 250.00

B. RM 40,000.00 seterusnya daripada RM 290,000.00, sebanyak 1.0% dikenakan = RM 400.00

C. RM 50,000.00 seterusnya daripada RM 250,000.00, sebanyak 0.9% dikenakan = RM 450.00

D. RM 200,000.00 seterusnya daripada RM 200,000.00, sebanyak 0.80% dikenakan = RM 1,600.00.

Jumlah keseluruhan yuran guaman (A+B+C+D)= RM2,700.00. Jumlah yuran guaman ini tidak termasuk Duti Setem ad valorem dan Setem Am yang dikenakan kepada pembeli bagi setiap suratcara oleh Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri. **Bagi tahun 2017-2018, setiap pembelian rumah dibawah RM 300,000.00 dikenakan pengecualian Duti Setem ad valorem 100%.

Selain yuran guaman, pembeli dan penjual juga dikehendaki membayar kos-kos lain bersangkut dengan perjanjian beli rumah seperti kos dokumentasi perjanjian, bayaran pemprosesan Memorandum Pindah Milik di Pejabat Tanah, Bornag CKHT (1A, 2A & 3) dan lain-lain.

Tidak. Yuran guaman kami tidak termasuk perbelanjaan lain-lain seperti bayaran Duti Setem, dokumentasi dokumen, pos, telefon & fotokopi serta perbelanjaan perjalanan.

Yuran guaman serta jangkaan perbelanjaan hendaklah dibayar mengikut jumlah amoun yang dinyatakan dalam invois kami ketika Perjanjian tersebut ditandatangani oleh kedua-dua pihak.

Ya, benar! Peguamcara dilarang sama sekali memberi sebarang bentuk potongan/diskaun yuran guaman kerana melanggar Peraturan 7, Peraturan-Peraturan Saraan Peguam 1988. Mana-mana peguam yang memberi potongan boleh dirujuk ke Lembaga Disiplin Majlis Peguam. Walaubagaimanapun, pengecualian boleh diberikan kepada invidudu/badan berikut:

  1. Badan amal/keagamaan
  2. Pekerje firma guaman sendiri
  3. Ahli keluarge terdekat Peguam


Calm yourself. Identify on what ground he was arrested. Take note the time and place of his arrest and try to gather as much information the activity he has involved with for the last past hours and days. This is useful information to lay down your defence during trial.

You should also get in touch with the Investigating Officer (IO) of the case and enquire where he will be detained.

Appoint lawyer as soon as the arrest was made. This is to arrange a speedy consultation with the arrested person and to stop the police from recording statement from the arrested person which may incriminate him with criminal offence.

The minute you have been arrested, you are entitled as a matter of right to communicate with your lawyer. Inform the police that you will exercise your right to seek consultation with your appointed lawyer and insist not to proceed with questioning or recording your statement without first consulting your appointed lawyer.

The Police cannot detain you more than 24 hours unless remand application to the Magistrate has been granted. Ensure to contact your appointed lawyer so that he can be present during the remand proceedings. Your lawyer will submit and oppose the remand application so you may be released forthwith.

No. You will be detained until the remand period has expired. It is therefore important to appoint criminal lawyer during the remand proceedings so that your lawyer can argue your case before the Magistrate.

Depending on Public Prosecutor’s instruction, you may be released or charged in the open Court. If the prosecution preferred a criminal charge against you, you will be brought to the Court and the charge will be read and explained to you. You may plead guilty or not guilty to the charge. Before entering the plea, you may consult with your appointed lawyer.

Depending on type of offence, you may be bailed out with or without conditions attached. In unbailable offences, you cannot be bailed out.

No. Lawyer cannot stand as surety/bailor to his client as this is against the Advocates (Practice & Etiqutte) Rules 1988.


We draft all types of agreement ranging from Subcontract Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding to Development Agreement and Sale & Purchase Agreement to Power of Attorney. Basically, we draft any agreement to suit your needs and foremostly it is legally binding to participating parties

Firstly, we’re sorry to hear your medical condition. We are capable to draft any Will so that your children will get everything as you’ve wished for. We also offer services to retain the custody of the Will so in the event of your demise, our lawyer will read and explain the Will to your children and thereafter advise the next step to obtain the grant of probate. Just wanted to make it clear, the cost for drafting Last Testatement and Will is entirely separate from the service of retaining the Will and making a grant of Probate application to the High Court.


If you interested to appoint us as lawyer you may schedule a consultation with our lawyer for evaluation of your case. Initial consultation with our lawyer will incur you one-off consultation fee of RM 300.00. Our consultation should give you our preliminary opinion of your case including the pros and cons of pursuing your claim. If you don’t have a case, we will ensure you understand why and will discuss and explore what options remain open for you.

However, not all clients need a consultation. Some cases can be common to layman and you might as well know what legal services you require. If that’s the case, you may simply fix an appointment and we will open a file to work on your case.

No, we do not charge consulatation fee in respect of Sale and Purchase agreement and Tenancy Agreement. The transaction is very elementary and quite common. You may simply fix an appointment with us and bring all related documents.

You may want to instruct us to open a file and prepare a detailed legal opinion writing about your case. At this juncture, we will advise you the anticipate legal cost of the action and will either require you to pay a sum of deposit to secure our performance of the task. You may also choose to consult with other lawyers for second opinion of your case.

No, we do not charge consultation fee for request made via email. Our review of case submitted via email will be very elementary and does not include an explanation of law.

We will first require you to sign the Legal Services Agreement in which you will indicate your acceptance to our terms and conditions of our service.

Be sure to call us for an appointment. If that is not possible, you should arrange your family members to contact us. We may on our discretion and consideration waive the consultation fee.


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