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Our law firm in Kuala Lumpur, advises and litigates on specific white-collar crimes (i.e on corruption, breach of trusts and etc.), environmental laws, commercial laws, civil laws, succession & inheritance laws, trust laws, administrative laws, conveyance of property, divorce & matrimonial disputes as well as in debt recovery.


We had in the past successfully defended accused persons of various criminal charges. Ranging from criminal assault to possession of dangerous drugs, we put not limits to who and what type of criminal offences we defend.

While defending accused person is indispensable task, some of our works would include to assist the accused person in their plea bargain . This is particularly relevant when the accused person confessed and admitted to such offence on his own plea but requires lawyer intervention to mitigate for reduction of sentence and some cases to avoid imprisonment.

Find out more on what types of criminal offence we defend.


Family law is a particular area of law which often closely affect ones’ day-to-day life. The application and remedy of family law involves parties seeking dissolution to their civil marriage by way of divorce or annulment, ancillary claims in respect of maintenance for wife and children as well as guardianship and custody of the children.

At Azimah Zalia & Co, we regularly counsel in divorce application to the High Court for couple who wishes to mutually dissolve their marriage. We also represent client who experience difficulty to achieve mutual decision with spouse pertaining to their dissolution of marriage. To that end, we offer representation to take up the case by litigating the matter in the High Court. However, parties are reminded that not all types of situation the court would allow dissolution for their marriage. Certain grounds for divorce and conditions are to be met before parties may present their divorce petition.

Find out more on what grounds for divorce and conditions the court would allow parties to dissolve their marriage. 


Some may find prohibition for a bankrupt person to travel overseas is absolute made without exceptions. The Bankruptcy Act 1967 does indeed restrict a bankrupt person to travel outside Federation of Malaysia. However, a bankrupt may apply to the Court for a permission to leave Malaysia. This is a type of situation where our firm regularly deal in daily basis. Our law firm from its inception has extensive experience in handling bankruptcy matters. We help individuals in many types of insolvency situations such as making:

  1. Application to leave Federation of Malaysia for overseas

  2. Application for annulment of Bankruptcy (Adjudication and Receiving Orders)

  3. Application for discharge from Bankruptcy

Apart from that, we represent wide-range of clients in debt recovery proceedings including bankruptcy proceedings, insolvency and liquidation, foreclosures and auctions. 


Apart from criminal litigation, our firm advises and litigates in a wide range of complex commercial disputes, contentious conveyance of property as well as acting across niche areas of practice such as torts, civil fraud litigation and breach of trust. 

We also counsel in various types of litigation matters involving general debts recovery, disputes involving land and tenancy, contract, buildings and constructions; employement, labours and industrial relations; defamation, negligence as well as statutory body appeals.


Our team has extensively involved in preparing, drafting and vetting legal documents relating to general commercial agreement such as Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Development Agreement and so forth. As negotiators and solicitors, we have full range of the required skills tp take various corporate assignments. Our services include incorporations, compliance and inter company negotiators.




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